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Heffboom Konijn bunny goat

March 2011

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Heffboom Konijn bunny goat

My 2009 X-MAS report =^. ^=

well Christmas has come and gone, and has left some very good memories of fun times.

me and my loveable pup anji-kun drove to LA to visit his family.

we had lots of food, I met some new people including anji's dad, that was cool ^ ^

on sat, my pup got a haircut, and omg its super smexy XD

and for funzies I told him do the bluesteel look *giggles*

later that day, my pup went to visit his mom and his sister at a party, and I got to hang out with my all time favorite latex wolfy *giggles*

we went to Johnny rockets at a mall in Torrence...the service was bleh, but food was ok. we were gona go see mr fox but it was not showing T_T so after talking about what to do he asks me if ive seen the showtime series "DEXTER" and I was like "oh hell ya" love that show. well turns out some of the final episodes were shot near him in redondo beach so we hed there for a looksee and me to get all excited XD

and behold I get chills as I see the live set for the series..omg IT WAS EPIC XD

the pics are from the last few episodes were the bad guy hangs out to pick up his victems. some shots may be familar to you fans of the show.

after I got my inside loo" at dexter hookup, we went to a bar that had 77....77 beers on tap XD it was nuts, we had an awesome brew abys, its rare and super strong. I also had a smoked stone porter, that was yummy too ^ ^

wish I got a pic of both of us but here is the awesome rubber wuffy ^ ^ isnt his smile the best, can warm any heart =3

after we were all done there we moved down the boardwalk to see the sunset

sadly I did not get a pic of that but is was nice sharing it with him =3 it was a great day and i like to think it was his x-mas gift to me ^ ^

all in all it was an awesome trip, and I hope to do it again soon =3


*hugs* I wana go to LA sometime too :)
Nice pictures, specialy the smexeh puppeh