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Heffboom Konijn bunny goat

March 2011

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Heffboom Konijn bunny goat

prop 8 is upheld...ive had enough

at 10am today, the California supreme court decided to uphold prop 8. prop 8...a measure to discriminate and ban gay marriage from the state of California, and here is the best part. the majority of the voters were blacks and Hispanics.....FUCKERS!!

to blacks who voted yes on 8: you fought for your civil rights and freedoms for decades only to turn around and strip others of freedoms....thats the worst kind of evil

to Hispanics who voted yes on 8: ....same shit applies to you, im Hispanic and ive never been embarrassed about my hermitage...well now i am

TO THE CALIFORNIAN SUPREME COURT: you once ruled to have California a state of equality and balance...now you have successfully made yourself and your state one of the worst places to be in. good job, give yourself a pat on the back and go back to fucking up your state......whats left of it anyways

*sighs* Ive never been this pissed of with California before, but that's it. any shred of wanting to live there one day is gone now. with the stupid gun laws, laws about equality, taxes, taxes, and more taxes. cost of living. well that's my "straw that broke the camels back" about California


yeah it's kinda messed up >.< but that fight is long from over.