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My wedding at FC11 (details inside)

Where at: Further Confusion 11

When: Sat, Jan 15th, at 4pm

Room location: the ceremony will take place in Phoenix-D big room suite which is TBA until Thursday night when he checks in.

the required attire is either fursuits, partials, zentai (ie spandex. Lycra). Leather. Latex. Fetishy gear...etc. This will be one wacky adult only wedding due to the audience I will have.


NOTE 2. I am asking for anyone who wishes to play the role of minister to perform this wedding. This is not a legal wedding as there are still legal issues with same sex couples...however its the ceremony that counts to us. So i ask IF ANYONE WANTS TO PLAY THE ROLE OF MINISTER, PLEASE SEND ME A NOTE OR ANJI. THANK YOU

EDIT: JasenTamiia has offered to be our minister (or minestress hehe) for the wedding. thank you all =3

If anybody has any questions please comment here or send me a note, I will get back to you promptly ^ ^
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Getting alot things off my chest.... TL:DR at bottom

 I know its been almost a whole year since ive update my LJ and ill try to keep it more updated lately ^ ^

now for the journal:

ive been getting my life in order lately and have feeling good about that, but for each yin...there is a yang.

first let my start by saying this.

I have 2 sides to myself i partake in.

1. Heffboom, my male side, and overall key role. he is who i am on a daily basis at work, to family, and some friends

2. Emily, she is my female side, i have very feminine tendencies, im and extreamly emotional person, i feel others feelings (pain, sorrow, joy, bliss, etc...) and it all effects me. I dress girly, i have somewhat small boobs, im prowd of becoming in touch with the female in me. i have come to terms with it.

(insert note: next part is psychology 101 for some)

NOW the important part. ive gotten some flack from some furs, about my life choices, how i disappoint them for indulging my other side.......I CALL BULL SHIT! the people who usealy say these things, most of them are in fact homosexual (im pan-sexual, i go where the wind blows kinda thing) so for them to judge me, look down upon me, is insulting and rude....not to mention hypocritical. you want others to accept you for being gay, going to pride festivals, acting stereotypically gay in some form or fashion. ill accept you for who you are as my friend and support you, but how dare you judge me, when you live an alternate lifestyle your-selfs (NOTE: NOT DIRECTED AT ONE PERSON BUT A FEW WHO I KNOW WILL SEE THIS)

part 2:

im a very kind person, i live by a strict code of love others, turn the other cheek, forgive and forget, golden rule, etc....

but dont.....dont BULL SHIT ME

if you feel the need to try to one up me with info or "facts" about somthing, 1. i will call it as i see it, 2. i will look into the matter with multiple resources and facts. 3. chances are ive let "you" (generaly speaking) get away with this.

I dont like confrontation, I dont like to argue or fight. words can be exchanged on a causual level. its ok to be wrong sometimes. it happens to me ALOT. and if i spill out some BS....call me on it. i wont be upset, just have legit facts and sources, and it will be done.

...what else....

right, this is directed to the local furs who know me well and who i treated as family.

5 months ago, I made the agonizing choice to move back home with my folks to get my life in order, i had to send my mate back to LA as my parents forbid him to stay with us.

I dropped off the radar for months, I was extreamly depressed, no job, no money, and missing my mate.

so for anyone i know who thought it was rude of me stop contact to any of you.....excuse me for having life issues outside of the fandom.....does the word selfish ring a bell to anyone? i hope so cause this is rediculaus, i will not put up with the high school clicqe attitude some of you have.

I love you all and that wont ever change, but you need to know LIFE COMES FIRST, then the fandom.

*huffs* ok, feeling alittle better now, im sure there is going to be a backlash from this or ill stop hearing from some folks, but guess what, this is 100% truth, if you cant deal with it, thats not my fault....look in a mirror first.

one last tid bit of news, im fully aware of how some of you feel about my mates actions and choice of words sometimes, ive discussed it with him, and we are in progress to improve the situation. I love him no matter what, and if others decided he is not worth there time. thats fine. keep it to yourself, but i however will support him no matter what, but i will take any advice, providing its "constructive" rants do not work

some good news.

1. I have an awesome retail job making good money and almost no stress, my last job nearly put me in the hospital from a panic attack and namonia

2. i live in a wonderful home with 2 loving people, my mistress and her partner, soon my pup will be back and things will be awesome

3. FC is ago, time off aproved, now saving money ^ ^

again I love you all, and im not burning any bridges, but im just stating the crap stops here, if your friend, act like one. talk to me if you have a problem, dont discuss feeling about me with someone else....what good will that do

TL:DR......there is none, scroll up, and slowly read. trust me it wont hurt you as much as you may thing to read a full journal.

after all most books dont have a TL:DR so i wont either...tough

love you all, my friends, fur family, littler brothers, and sisters. thank you

-Heffboom/Emily Konijn
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My 2009 X-MAS report =^. ^=

well Christmas has come and gone, and has left some very good memories of fun times.

me and my loveable pup anji-kun drove to LA to visit his family.

we had lots of food, I met some new people including anji's dad, that was cool ^ ^

on sat, my pup got a haircut, and omg its super smexy XD

and for funzies I told him do the bluesteel look *giggles*

later that day, my pup went to visit his mom and his sister at a party, and I got to hang out with my all time favorite latex wolfy *giggles*

we went to Johnny rockets at a mall in Torrence...the service was bleh, but food was ok. we were gona go see mr fox but it was not showing T_T so after talking about what to do he asks me if ive seen the showtime series "DEXTER" and I was like "oh hell ya" love that show. well turns out some of the final episodes were shot near him in redondo beach so we hed there for a looksee and me to get all excited XD

and behold I get chills as I see the live set for the series..omg IT WAS EPIC XD

the pics are from the last few episodes were the bad guy hangs out to pick up his victems. some shots may be familar to you fans of the show.
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so its been about a week since MFF and im starting to feel better, im not as sick anymore but still a tad under the weather, my pup just is now getting over a cold and im just feeling drained. over the thanksgiving weekend, all I did was eat and sleep. I did get to have some interesting fun with a local fur tabbicus, who has a most comfy of dens mmmmmm I could just passed out in it XD

but other than that im still kinda getting back in the flow of things. I would like to mention that I just have not had the drive to get online and talk to anyone lately. its nothing personal, im just exhausted lately with alot of things to deal with. but my bouncy side should return soon ^ ^
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MFF con report and im no longer a BUNNY!? then what you ask? read more ^ ^

well here is my MFF con report and alot happend XD

1st item to discus I am no longer a bunny......thats right folks my main fursona that I am like 99% is not a bunny...what is it you may ask? ITS A FRIGGIN BOAT XD aka "bunny goat"

ya I know another hybrid bunny XD what can I say. but after idolizing hooves for soo long, and was in fact working on a goat character. I said f-this, ill go with the hybrid thing. the tipping point was the hoofers I hung out with this weekend.....*points at them* I blame you =3

its ironic cause the rabbit was into pony play huge so now he will have hooves....i wonder what sorta TF play he will want next XD

there will be some tweaks to my character, so for the most part like 75% of old heffboom is still there but with some new stuff and i say this now *Baaahahaha* hehe thats quite fun to do actually lol

up next is I was in latex from night one till Saturday night for about 20+ (tottal hrs)...ya wore so much latex and gear. mostly because an evil/awesome bunpup made it so easy to find an excuse "I want to rubber now"<---ya thats what convinced me. im that easy when it comes to gear hehe.

speaking of latex, the rubber furs party wich I thew in my room and kinda worked itself into another room that was conjoined to mine (thanks a bunch siege *hugs*) was a huge success, like 16 or so people were all in head to toe latex that showed up and has alot of gear with them....sadly we did not have enough room for all the play and gear, im gona try to shoot for a suite next time I go to MFF just for this ^ ^

hmmm what else. met some awesome new people,got to snuggle people I new but never met before that is always awesome.

had a pet cabbit with me like 90% of the con *hugs ripner* omg love that guy, his tail is the best XD but every time he was in suit he was always being pounced and what not, was fun to watch all the attention hehe

I wore my pretty blue velor dress to the fursuit parade over my fursuit...never done that before, was alright as far as looks, but my suit is 2x bigger than me so ya *sighs* hard to be girly with a huge ass suit lol

also drank like crazy every night XD but never got to a point were I was praising the porcelain gods for helps......just had a kick ass time drinking in latex and hanging with friends ^ ^

there probably is alot im forgetting to put up but wow did I ever have a great time.....now im trying to curve off this PCD and wating for my pup to come home from a friends place case I left on another plane, I came home last night and when I realized how emtpy my home felt without him....I just died. so i booked him a flight today and he his coming home to me. I cant wait...god im a sappy fuck XD but I love my pup so much.
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im 22 today WOOT

so ya today is the day of my birth...the 22nd to be exact

my day was comprised of work....yes I worked today (I know Im wierd)

got some new eye glasses....ones that are 50% less glass (omg there soo light lol)

went and saw......ZOMBIELAND...."nut up or shutup"

brought in a nice leather couch someone thew out (had some dirt and claw marks but hardly noticeable)

gona do somthing rubbery and squeaky with the pup later ^ ^ make him wear a nice red dress hehe.

well that was my day and what will be in a nutshell
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Rubber Heffboom

MOVED OUT XD in my own personal rubber warren hehe

so its finaly happend....I have flown the coup and now have my own appartment


so now I can do the things a rubber bunny does best in the privacy of "my own home" yays ^ ^

in other news, my mate anji is going to fly out here to live with me Agust 19th

originally the plan was to take another mini trip to pick him up and visit some good friends in that local area, however due to personal finances and and MFF being right around the corner, cant afford to take another trip out to LA at least until after MFF

*bounces around excitedly and rubbers up* oh yes I can get used to this hehe
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prop 8 is upheld...ive had enough

at 10am today, the California supreme court decided to uphold prop 8. prop 8...a measure to discriminate and ban gay marriage from the state of California, and here is the best part. the majority of the voters were blacks and Hispanics.....FUCKERS!!

to blacks who voted yes on 8: you fought for your civil rights and freedoms for decades only to turn around and strip others of freedoms....thats the worst kind of evil

to Hispanics who voted yes on 8: ....same shit applies to you, im Hispanic and ive never been embarrassed about my hermitage...well now i am

TO THE CALIFORNIAN SUPREME COURT: you once ruled to have California a state of equality and balance...now you have successfully made yourself and your state one of the worst places to be in. good job, give yourself a pat on the back and go back to fucking up your state......whats left of it anyways

*sighs* Ive never been this pissed of with California before, but that's it. any shred of wanting to live there one day is gone now. with the stupid gun laws, laws about equality, taxes, taxes, and more taxes. cost of living. well that's my "straw that broke the camels back" about California
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