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Heffboom Konijn bunny goat

March 2011

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Heffboom Konijn bunny goat

MFF con report and im no longer a BUNNY!? then what you ask? read more ^ ^

well here is my MFF con report and alot happend XD

1st item to discus I am no longer a bunny......thats right folks my main fursona that I am like 99% is not a bunny...what is it you may ask? ITS A FRIGGIN BOAT XD aka "bunny goat"

ya I know another hybrid bunny XD what can I say. but after idolizing hooves for soo long, and was in fact working on a goat character. I said f-this, ill go with the hybrid thing. the tipping point was the hoofers I hung out with this weekend.....*points at them* I blame you =3

its ironic cause the rabbit was into pony play huge so now he will have hooves....i wonder what sorta TF play he will want next XD

there will be some tweaks to my character, so for the most part like 75% of old heffboom is still there but with some new stuff and i say this now *Baaahahaha* hehe thats quite fun to do actually lol

up next is I was in latex from night one till Saturday night for about 20+ (tottal hrs)...ya wore so much latex and gear. mostly because an evil/awesome bunpup made it so easy to find an excuse "I want to rubber now"<---ya thats what convinced me. im that easy when it comes to gear hehe.

speaking of latex, the rubber furs party wich I thew in my room and kinda worked itself into another room that was conjoined to mine (thanks a bunch siege *hugs*) was a huge success, like 16 or so people were all in head to toe latex that showed up and has alot of gear with them....sadly we did not have enough room for all the play and gear, im gona try to shoot for a suite next time I go to MFF just for this ^ ^

hmmm what else. met some awesome new people,got to snuggle people I new but never met before that is always awesome.

had a pet cabbit with me like 90% of the con *hugs ripner* omg love that guy, his tail is the best XD but every time he was in suit he was always being pounced and what not, was fun to watch all the attention hehe

I wore my pretty blue velor dress to the fursuit parade over my fursuit...never done that before, was alright as far as looks, but my suit is 2x bigger than me so ya *sighs* hard to be girly with a huge ass suit lol

also drank like crazy every night XD but never got to a point were I was praising the porcelain gods for helps......just had a kick ass time drinking in latex and hanging with friends ^ ^

there probably is alot im forgetting to put up but wow did I ever have a great time.....now im trying to curve off this PCD and wating for my pup to come home from a friends place case I left on another plane, I came home last night and when I realized how emtpy my home felt without him....I just died. so i booked him a flight today and he his coming home to me. I cant wait...god im a sappy fuck XD but I love my pup so much.


Yeah... Brand new meaning to I'm on a boat...

I was in your room (err at least on Sunday) but somehow I missed both the rubberfurs party :( and hanging out with you :(
*scratches head* I think I remember you on Sunday night, but I have like a good 5min memory lol, im sooo sory, but ya would have liked to have one more person at the rubber-furs party ^ ^ it was awesome, I plan to do it again next time
Well if you remember a purple furry rabbit that couldn't get off after 2 hours, then yeah that would be me on Sunday LOL.
*giggles* oh that was you ^ ^ *facepalm* well nice to meet you again =3
Heff, It was good seeing you at the con and wish i could spend some time hanging with you and Anji some more at the con....