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"my sad goodbye"

well 8 seasons and its over...I will truly miss one of the greatest shows ive ever seen

the final episode of scrubs "My Finale" had me in tears, especially the last part with JD viewing what his life could be

and hooch...is crazy XD
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The motorbike of my dreams

ive never been much of a person who fancy's motorcycles but I always had a tickicliking sensation when I saw the old WWII-ish motorcycles. A friend of mine told me about a certain bike made by Royal Enfield. the Bullet 500 Military http://www.enfieldmotorcycles.com/models/military.html


I love this bike, I cant wait to start saving up for it. there is a local dealer im gona have to check out and see if I can ride it *yays* ^ ^

..heffboom on a bike XD
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im a day or two late but I want to say happy birth to a very special squeeky rubber wolf, siege

*gives big birthday hugs*

I hope you had a wonderful birthday and have more to come *licks*
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ok so after my little shout of joy to the world, scrubs will be airing season 8, January 6th at 9:00pm ET/PT on ABC.

seriously. im sooooo stoked for this, and the new chief of medicine.....omg she is cold, heartless and a total hotty XD

move orver Jordan, your number 2 now ^^
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Rain, rain, go away..come again another day

well its been raining here in AZ for the last 3 days straight and its freaking cold and wet and miserable.
been working till 12am for the last week cause my store is set that way for holiday hours, so tired, wet and cold *ugh*

im finaly seeing a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to credit card debt. only have alittle left to pay then its only car bills *sarcastic hooray*

told someone I could not live up to there every wish (yet) which is hard for someone like me who enjoys doing what is told of me.

*looks at gift picture that was given to me at MFF* memories....the good and the bad, where does one put them? what if you can't move on? *sigh* I wish there was a better way to know things, instead of finding out later the hard way, or going off what the magic toy 8-ball says hehe

well I hope the rain stops and AZ warms up alittle XD
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The Reverend Quadrupel Ale

So I got my paws on this lovely brew called "The Reverend" from local food market wich has a small selection of unique brews XD aside from its eye catching label and cool ass name, this is a realy good beer. I cant quite describe the actual taste but it says "Belgian style"

overall I realy enjoyed this brew from Boulder Colorado. 2 paws up and bunny approved ^ ^
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MFF post con report (super sumed up)

well its been a few days since MFF ended and im slowly getting back into the swing of things.

Post con report:

DAY 1:

-after ariving to the airport, me, siege, and dombrus and all our gear and lugage packed into domruses very very small mazzda 3.....you ever see a bunny's face shamed up on the front windshield...well that was me all the way from O' hare to the hotel XD

-had problems meeting up with our 4th roomie, cyberwuff. who I met for the first time (great guy btw, very laid back and friendly)


-police, and firefighters leave and were back in our room

-naughty stuff XD (nuff said)


-Met with some people I wanted to grope for some time XD *winks at fuzzy roo and ripner)

-Met with smash..omg he is like mega awesome *arf!* hehe

-Bought wrist, ankle, and a collar from fetish zone dealer table

-got my first ever conbadge (WOOT)

-fursuit parade fallowed by bunnies only pic (a skunk sneaked in though lol)

-me and siege meet up with blotch and other cool guys and gals for a drink or 3 LOL

-more naughty play that night again hehe

-dont remeber much of the day lol


-got my art from artshow

-had a nice lunch with siege at a place called "buca di beppo" hehe he orders and lunch size and acidently gets a mega huge family size XD so we had lots of left overs

-met with fo-par and aura fox (im so sorry guys if I got your names wrong T_T) seriously fo-par is a awesome gal who hides lizzards in her room *giggles* and aura fox has such a cute personality

-went to my first ever dead dog party (the second one *wink*)

-saw a hooved fursuit in a leather straight jacket at the second dead dog party and was totally jealous lol, I realy wanted to jump into mine XD)

-I asked the bartender for his fave drink...I have it...30min later im talking with any and all furs in my field of view *embarrassed*....30min later my stomach discides to say fuck you and goes the wrong way lol... thank god i was in my bathroom when that happend

-I pass out, and later find pics of me in my stupor with others who came to our room for fun and I missed it all, and to make it worse some of the pics you can see me in the back all blacked out *MEGA EMBARRASSING* (have not had any alcohol since then)

Day 4

-head back to the airport and say my tearful goodbyes

This is about as summed up as I can think. SO MUCH HAPPENED TO ME AT MFF
alot of good, some embarrassing, and some bad *sigh* but I think it was the best con ive been to so far and will for sure be going back in 2009 XD
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choices that caught up to me

well I think its finally happened... the past and recent impulsive choices and actions I have made have finally caught up to me

in the wake I have left my family and some others close to me in positions they did not want to be in.

impulsive actions such as wanting to join the army on a whim with little thought about who else it affects seems "like the straw the broke the camels back"

well after the smoked cleared I did not join the army but it left some people close to me in doubt about my choices and future ones...I don't blame them at all, given my track record its deserved

I can't help that after this things will never be same


sorry for my emo moment, just need to get that out
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briarbunny's new pipe pt 2

Pt deux of my new pipe journal, I got some pics of me in my muzzle XD

I loved how my pic came out with the fursuit and coat, I should look into a art comish of something like that XD
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briarbunny's new pipe

I present....the WELLINGTON

This pipe is sooo awesome, I just love everything about it, how it feels, the look, the weight of hanging from my muzzle XD

I got this pipe of ebay for $25. If your a pipe smoker I highly recommend this pipe for your collection

I thank siege and sphelx for introducing me to this wonderful pipe =3
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