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heffboom_konijn's Journal

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Hello, the names Heffboom Konjin or Heffboom for short ^ ^, here is some detail about myself

I am a laid back person who really does not have a social life. I get out but not to much. I most work and go to school. but when I do get a chance to have fun I like read books, do kinky things (see above) listen to music, smoke some nice cherry tobacco in a fancy pipe. play games, and I love moves, now I dont have a list of what movies I like cause I watch too many to group them and I pretty much like most movies. I also like to exercise and stay in shape

I love guns....every kind of gun. im a gun fanatic, I don't like them in a "kill people kinda way" but like how a some people like a watch enthusiast loves how a clock ticks. I dono hard to explain

well thats pretty much me in a nutshell

I have some details about myself and ill start with my adult side

I currently am into this list of adult play but it is growing too ^_^

Fetishes im into:
pup play, pony play, 24 / 7 pony / pup / gimp, Anything FURRY, Anything rubber, mummification, sensory, deprivation, heavy bondage, anything leather, wet suits, exotic sock fetish milking, enemas electrical play, cross dressing, cumming, kissing, fucking sucking, suspension, Vac-Rack / Vac-Bondage, all types of bondage. THE ONLY THINGS I WILL NOT DO IS SCAT, PISS, BLOOD, OR PHYSICAL PAIN (EXCLUDING ELECTRIC).

My first fetish experience was well at my first Furcon, my roomate put a rubber puppy hood on me and hog tied me for an hour. it was a moment I will never forget

The gear I currently own are: Fursuit, two custom made animal gas masks (one panther and one jackle) a 3mm dive suit, a smoothskin 3mm dive suit, One 3mm dive hood, Thick industrial shoulder high rubber gloves, Frog paws, Two Japanese split toe tabi boots, two basic thick calf high rubber boots, a good amount of tabi socks, two tube toe socks, one pair or geta sandles

My ultimate fantasy is to become a rubber fur slave permanently, this is called a slubber: http://www.rubberfurs.org/content/en/112

other than that my other fantasy is become a 24/7 rubber slave (duh right)

Im mostly a bottom but I can top if the situation is right

Im curently in a relationship with one amazing rubber dalmatian pup (sry guys)

Now For the Lighter furry side of myself

I have Three fursonas that are the three most common seen sides to me. The unique thing about my three sides is how they somtimes tie into each other

The first is a brown and white desert hare aka jackrabbit. This guy has purple eyes and black and white tipped ears. He is the majority of my personality that is seen commonly, and represents my bouncy energetic side however he is very paranoid about so many thing in life.

The second is a very very laid back otter who realy just wants swim all day long, and just relax all the time. beyond that I realy dont know to much else about this guy, im still learning about this side of myself.

The third is a old red tailed European Squirrel. This grey muzzle guy loves to be super organized in everything
he does, he is the kinda of person who spends hours organizing books, oh yah books, he is a bibliophile to the max. he cant get enough of book. love to read for hours on end, even if he falls asleep sometimes in them. just the smell of a book is enough to get him really excited. (warning: avoid taking him to a barns and nobles....he may disappear for weeks ^_^).

I currently have one fursuit, and its for the jackrabbit. he was made by a suit maker named Bladespark:

Im also a heavy rubber fur and anything slinky related XD

some other sites with my profile:

Photo bucket albums (some adult material):